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ICREA and it's association with NAR
ICREA Planetary Session
Timo Smit - ICREA CO-chair, Chetan Narain - President,
Richard A. Mendenhall - ICREA Co-Chairman , Szymon Sedek
Naresh Malkani - India, Michael Davoren - Australia, Chetan Narain - President
Representatives of most countries present at the ICREA Planetary Session
ICREA Executive Committee Meeting - May, 2005 - Madrid, Spain
ICREA Executive Committee Group - May, 2005 - Madrid, Spain
Left to right - Peter Bolton (UK), Michael Daveoren (Australia), Chetan Narain (India), Timo Smit (Netherlands) ICREA Co-Chair, Pierre Beauchamp (Canada), Cormac J. Meehan (Ireland),Harry DeLeeuw (Canada) Guest, Richard A. Mendenhall (USA) ICREA Co-Chair
Planetary - Meeting at Orlando, USA - November, 2004
From L to R, Mr. Naresh Malkani - Chairman - IIRE, Ms. Gail Lyons - President"s Liaison to India (IIRE), Mr. Chetan Narain - President - IIRE, Mr. Gordon Davis - Past President"s Liaison to India (IIRE)
ICREA Executive Committee Meet - June 2004
ICREA Executive Committee Board now comprises of the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, India, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, UK & USA.